The Regional Network for Social Responsibility granted HE the Deputy Speaker of Shura Council Dr Hamda bint Hassan al-Sulaiti the Medal of the Arab Woman for Social Responsibility for the year 2022. Dr Mohamad bin Saif al-Kuwari, International Ambassador for Social Responsibility, handed over the medal at the Shura headquarters, with the participation of a number of the network's officials and experts.

The Regional Network for Social Responsibility grants this medal to a selected elite of successful Arab women in the field of launching and running initiatives. The award of this medal was announced during the 6th Conference on Women and Social Responsibility in the Arab Countries for 2022, which was held virtually on June 16. Dr al-Sulaiti participated in the conference as a guest of honour and speaker, and she presented a working paper on the accomplishments made by Qatari women in all fields, and reviewed her experience in community work, and some of her qualitative initiatives that she contributed to in her multiple worksites.
The conference also witnessed the participation of a broad range of experts, speakers and high-level women figures from all Arab countries and abroad. The conference's working papers focused on the topic of Arab women's initiatives in the field of social responsibility and impact efficiency.
The list of recipients of this medal included HE the Deputy Speaker of Shura Council Dr Hamda bint Hassan al-Sulaiti from Qatar, Princess Dania bint Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, International Ambassador for Social Responsibility from Saudi Arabia, and Nevin El Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity in Egypt, and Amina Obaid al-Hajri, Director-General of the Department of Cultural, Social and Family Affairs of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation from Oman.
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