The Central Municipal Council (CMC) has appreciated the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Municipality regarding the upgrading of the services at Mesaimeer Cemetery and issued a number of recommendations for further improvements. The council urged that the Ministry should tighten its control to maintain the good levels of services and upgrade the equipment and manual tools used in the burial process.
The excavator currently used is in need of urgent maintenance and should be replaced in the future with smaller and quieter equipment, it was suggested.
The other recommendations include linking the coffin to the plate number of the vehicle that carries it, in order to make it easier for mourners to identify in case of multiple funerals at the same time. Appropriate equipment such as a ladder is required for the workers to enter and exit the burial pit. The uniform of the workers at the cemetery should be unified to make them distinctive.
The CMC pointed out that the Ministry of Municipality should co-ordinate with Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs to make the road signs at the cemetery concise and easily readable. The parking lots for vehicles carrying coffins should be moved away from those allocated to the mourners' vehicles. The council recommended that the tombstones should be made of high quality materials that can withstand weather conditions. The municipality concerned should ensure cleanliness of the cemetery, and in particular the inner side of the fence where some garbage accumulates frequently.
The CMC also stressed that the project to number all the tombs across the country should be resumed. The council holds a biweekly regular session to discuss all the related municipal services topics of interest to the residents and issue recommendations accordingly.
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