Important to wear face mask where required: MoPH
December 08 2021 12:39 AM

It is important to “wear your face mask in places where it is required to protect yourself and the community” from Covid-19 infection, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has reiterated.
In an advisory on social media, the ministry explained the places where it is mandatory to wear masks and the conditions under which it is recommended to do so.
* Indoors - wearing a mask is mandatory in certain indoor settings including:
- In public areas such as malls, mosques, schools, places of work and public transport.
- Gatherings in indoor private places such as majlises, weddings, funerals and social visits.
* Outdoors - wearing a mask is not mandatory in outdoor settings in the open air, except in the following situations:
- In organised public activities at markets, exhibitions and during events.
- On the premises of mosques, schools, universities and hospitals.
* In the workplace in the open air if the nature of work requires a person to be in contact with clients outdoors, such as security staff and waiters .
It is recommended to continue wearing a mask in outdoor settings in the following situations:
* If you are unable to maintain safe physical distance from others.
* If you are unvaccinated or around unvaccinated individuals.
* If you are immunocompromised or vulnerable to severe Covid-19 (i.e. the elderly or with chronic disease) even if you are vaccinated.

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