Action taken against teacher for giving pills to students
November 23 2021 01:44 PM
Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has issued a statement on the investigation into the distribution of pills by a teacher among some students of a private school, noting that due action has been taken in the case. "The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, out of its responsibility to maintain the health and safety of all students, confirmed that it has taken all measures to investigate the incident of a private school teacher handing pills to four students," the MoEHE said in a press statement yesterday.
The administration of the private school concerned dismissed the teacher and terminated her services, in conformity with the regulations preventing any teacher from distributing medicines to students except for the school nurse and after referring to the parents, the statement noted. The MoEHE had earlier launched an investigation into a mother’s complaint about a teacher giving some students pills in a school.
Yesterday, the Ministry said the investigation included "all parties concerned with this unfortunate and isolated incident": the teacher, school administration and a random sample of students, as well as the students who took the pills. They all confirmed that the incident was the first such case and had never happened before.
Information was shared with the competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior, which joined the investigation and the follow-up of laboratory examination of the pills. The results showed that the pills were free from narcotics and prohibited substances.
The MoEHE indicated that, following strict instructions to enforce all regulations to ensure the safety of students, the act of the teacher was individual, stressing that it would never tolerate such a behaviour. The ministry reassured parents and all stakeholders in education about the sound health and safety of the school environment.
"The Ministry of Education and Higher Education hereby calls on everyone to establish direct communication with the ministry to verify the authenticity of remarks made by the public and to launch the appropriate investigations," the statement added.
The ministry welcomes all comments and enquiries via its website and social media platforms, or by calling the hotline 155.

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