The Information Office of Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its extreme surprise and denunciation of the recent statements by the Lebanese Minister of Information.
In a statement Saturday, the office said it considered this position of the new Lebanese Minister of Information an irresponsible position towards his country and Arab issues alike, adding that he should not have plunged brotherly Lebanon into external crises.
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Lebanese government to urgently and decisively take the necessary measures in this regard to calm the situation and to quickly heal the rift between the brothers," the statement added. (QNA)
AFP adds: The United Arab Emirates said Saturday it was withdrawing its diplomats from Lebanon, following a similar move by Saudi Arabia over the minister's criticism of the Riyadh-led military intervention in Yemen.
The diplomatic row, which has also seen Riyadh suspend imports from Lebanon and both Kuwait and Bahrain expel Lebanese envoys, is another blow to a country already in the grip of crippling political and economic crises.

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