Al Wakra wins Unesco Learning City Award
October 28 2021 09:15 PM
Picture courtesy of UIL Twitter account.
Picture courtesy of UIL Twitter account.

The Unesco Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) has announced that the city of Al Wakra won the Unesco Learning City Award for the year 2021, among 10 cities around the world for achieving outstanding achievements in the field of lifelong learning.
The announcement came during this year's fifth International Conference on Learning Cities, being organised by the Institute in Yeonsu, Korea, from October 27 to 30, the Ministry of Municipality said in a tweet on Thursday.
"Congratulations to Al Wakra on winning the 2021 Unesco Learning City Award for outstanding progress in lifelong learning. The city has made lifelong learning a priority as part of its sustainability plan, with a focus on vulnerable groups," UIL tweeted.
Ten cities with outstanding achievements in the implementation of the learning city strategy have received the award. "Whether they are megacities or smaller urban areas, all of the awardees have shown how learning opportunities empower citizens of all ages when suitable policies and programmes are put in place," UIL said on its website.
Besides Al Wakra, the awarded cities are Belfast (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Damietta (Egypt), Dublin (Ireland), Huejotzingo (Mexico), Jubail Industrial City (Saudi Arabia), Osan (South Korea), Shanghai (China) and Wyndham (Australia). They were selected by the Unesco Institute for Lifelong Learning upon the recommendation of an independent jury of international experts.
“With more than half of humanity living in urban areas, cities have a central role to play in providing learning opportunities. This year’s Unesco Learning City awardees enable their citizens to adapt to a rapidly changing world and acquire the knowledge necessary to act jointly to solve global challenges. Through lifelong learning they pave the way for fairer, more just and sustainable societies and a better future for all of us,” said David Atchoarena, director of UIL.
Regarding Al Wakra, the award description says it has evolved into one of the largest cities in Qatar and made lifelong learning a priority as part of its sustainability plan. The municipality places a particular emphasis on vulnerable groups, such as women and older people. A variety of programmes aims to ensure that women hold leading positions in the city administration and society at large.
The description highlights how Al Wakra is on the path to becoming a sustainable city, its pioneering education sector, how education for sustainable development is key to Al Wakra, giving priority to the environment, working to widen access to learning for all groups, and its focus on the most vulnerable groups.
"Providing lifelong learning to all of Al Wakra's citizens is an ongoing process. The city will continue to strengthen its policies and programmes in order to enable everyone the chance to learn," it adds.

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