Businesses in Qatar will have the opportunity to tap into one of Southeast Asia’s vibrant economies by participating in the ‘36th Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition 2021’, which will run until November 4, according to Qatar-Indonesia Business Council (QIBC) president Farhan al-Sayed.
Al-Sayed noted that Indonesia, which is targeting “$1.5bn worth of transactions” during the trade expo, is an investment haven for halal foods and various food and beverage (F&B) brands.
Indonesian F&B products have been “highly-acknowledged” in the international market, he noted.
He said Qatar has been importing top-rated foodstuff from Indonesia ranging from ingredients and spices, seafood, fruits and vegetables, instant and frozen foods, canned foods, snacks, coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, juices, and soft drinks, as well as herbal food supplements, organic products, coconut oil, and processed foods.
Aside from F&B, businesses in Qatar will be able to view other products, including manufactured goods in textile, leather, building material, rubber, metal, pulp and paper, palm oil, automotive parts and lubricants, perfume and cosmetics, said al-Sayed, adding that the manufacturing industry played a significant role in Indonesia’s economic growth in Q2 reaching “17.34%.”
“Trade Expo Indonesia is held this year in a digital edition to adhere with Covid-19 restrictions. This is an opportunity for all businesses in Qatar to explore and tap into the Indonesian market. Indonesia is a trillion plus dollar economy among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), al-Sayed pointed out.
Underscoring innovation and technology, the expo also focuses on digital lifestyle and services in e-commerce, social media, digital campaign, mobile apps, web hosting, and web design, as well as services in the financial, banking, insurance, and tourism sectors, al-Sayed said.
“The pandemic has also put an impetus on medical and healthcare. The expo will showcase medical supplies, medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, essential oils, and hair and body care products. Indonesia has 241 pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, 17 pharmaceutical raw material industries, 132 traditional medicine industries, and 18 natural product extraction industries.
“Also, the expo highlights Indonesia’s abundant natural resources and technology potential to develop renewable energies focusing mainly on solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and biodiesel energies,” said al-Sayed.
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