New Shura Council members say determined to serve the nation
October 25 2021 10:13 PM
The Shura Council
The Shura Council is all set for its new session


The new members of the Shura Council have stressed that they are determined to serve the nation and go ahead with the programmes they promoted during their election campaigns, to sustain the development of the country and highlight the demands and aspirations of its people.
Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah before Tuesday's opening of the first session of the first-ever elected Shura Council in Qatar's history, a number of Shura Council members noted that they are ready to undertake this great responsibility and co-operate with the government for the best of the country and its people in all fields.
Dr Sultan Hassan al-Dabit al-Dosari stressed the importance of the event, saying it ushers in a new, bright phase through popular participation in the process of decision-making. He expressed his aspiration for the council to have more achievements under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
"As members of the Shura Council, we met HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, last week and it was a highly welcome gesture from HE Sheikh Khalid to communicate with the members and discuss related issues with them. He assured the members about the full co-operation of the government with the council. This would give the council a strong start to work in the spirit of co-operation and integration between the executive and legislative authorities, as we are all the sons of the same nation and should all work together in the ultimate interest of this nation," he said.
He said all the members are determined to work together to implement their programmes within the jurisdiction of the council.
Eisa Arar al-Rumaihi stressed that the concerns and issues of Qatari citizens are his top priorities. He said he would continue work to push forward the improvement of health services in the country and to enhance administrative control on the executive authority to guarantee quality services that will live up to the expectations of the people.
He said he would work, in particular, to review the laws that concern certain vulnerable categories in society, such as persons with special needs, divorced women, retirees and others, to secure an honourable, well-deserved and comfortable life for them.
Ahmed al-Hetmi noted that all the issues concerning citizens are major concerns for the State as well. Accordingly, the government has allocated an adequate and well-defined budget to carry out the targeted plans and programmes. However, some time is needed to expedite the process to accomplish projects that affect the daily lives of people, and the Shura Council members should assume this responsibility, he said. Further, the legislative role of the council is of vital importance to spearhead the development efforts and to regulate them accordingly.
Mohamed al-Kaabi considered the issue of controlling the prices of commodities and services as a top concern for him as a member of the council, as well-regulated and balanced prices will help improve the performance of the local economy. Another issue of interest is health service in the country and how it could be further enhanced. He emphasised that this council is different from its predecessors as it is an elected council that hosts members from different backgrounds with diverse experiences, which will help enhance its performance.
Khalid al-Maadeed highlighted the need to introduce further legislations and regulations to protect the Qatari environment and its various components while laying special emphasis on the main foundations of the Qatari identity and heritage.
The current council has 45 members with 30 of them elected and 15 appointed. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin
Hamad al-Thani recently issued Amiri Decision No 56 of 2021 appointing the 15 members of the Shura Council. He also issued Decree No 48 of 2021 inviting the Shura Council to convene for its first regular session of the first legislative term of its 50th annual ordinary session on Tuesday, 23rd of Rabi’ Al-awwal 1443, corresponding to October 26 of 2021.
The first-ever Shura Council elections were held on October 2, marking a historic moment.

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