Melodious journey of Qatari Song Festival concludes
October 16 2021 11:38 PM
Snapshots from the concluding night of the Qatari Song Festival.
A snapshot from the concluding night of the Qatari Song Festival.

By Tawfik Lamari, Staff Reporter

The Qatari Song Festival 2021, on its third night at Qatar National Theatre Sunday, enthralled music lovers as they sang along and craved for more such musical treats in the future.
The concluding night of the festival was held under the theme 'The trip of the star, Ali Abdel Sattar', a popular Qatari singer.

Held under the patronage and in the presence of HE the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem al-Ali, yesterday’s event was attended by a large audience and described as a major success by a good number of spectators.
The festival opened with a video clip of artiste Salah al-Mulla's 'Hanit Li Sidra (I Miss the Sidra Tree)', followed by testimonials by Abdel Sattar's contemporary artistes and companions.
TV and radio presenter Tayseer Abdullah, a Qatari journalist, drama and song writer as well as poet, who is also known for his articles in 'Zahrat Al Khaleej' magazine, presented the show. He stressed the importance of the Sidra tree in the popular Qatari culture wherein every traditional home had a Sidra tree in its courtyard and it was well protected by the local people who have always respected the environment and will do so in the future.
A number of VIP guests, officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS), dignitaries and leading Qatari artistes were present on the occasion.
The event was held under the management of the Music Affairs Centre at the ministry and saw the participation of famous Qatari and other Arab singers, musicians and songwriters.
The orchestra was led by Dr Ahmad Himdan, and accompanied by 40 Qatari, Kuwaiti and Turkish musicians.
Qatari singer Mansour al-Mohannadi performed 'Al youm ya shouq (Today's Longing)', a popular song of Abdel Sattar.
After that, the following singers separately presented the songs of Abdel Sattar: Badr al-Rayes – 'Yanas Ahibah (Oh People, I Love Him)', Anwar - 'Al Barha Ya Khal (Yesterday, Oh Uncle)', Saud Jassim - 'Dahn Al Oud (Al Oud Perfume)', and Khalid Salem Turki - 'Ya Shibih Bil Hala (You Look Like A Sweet)'.
Spectators from different age groups packed the theatre, all of whom were appreciative of the efforts of the MCS in organising the festival to encourage Qatari musical innovation and promising talents.
Then, presenter Abdullah commented on a video show recalling Abdel Sattar’s artistic achievements. At that moment, Abdel Sattar appeared on stage with his song 'Nour Al Dounya (Light Of The Universe)', and was accompanied later by Saqr Salah for a duet performance of 'Rah Illi Rah (Let Bygones Be Bygones)'. Abdel Sattar then again went solo with some memorable renditions.
Shortly after, a closing song was presented by Abdel Sattar, together with Aseel and all the stars who performed yesterday. They sang 'Ishi Ya Qatar (Long Live Qatar)', which was the concluding song of the festival.
The audience sang along with the stars, resulting in one big melodious chorus inside the theatre.
The event provided an opportunity for talented Qatari singers and musicians to display their skills and develop their ability to showcase the original Qatari heritage to the audience. At the same time, the audience appreciated the success of the festival, stressing that it was an exceptional event that entertained them to a great extent.
In recognition, HE the Minister of Culture and Sports honoured Qatari singers Ali Abdel Sattar, a group of senior artistes and the late poet Mohamed al-Aswad al-Marri on the closing night of the festival.

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