Russia fines Google 3mn roubles
July 30 2021 12:46 AM
(File photo)

Reuters/ Moscow

Russia has fined Google 3mn roubles ($41,017) for violating personal data legislation, Google’s first fine for that offence, Moscow’s Tagansky District Court said.
Google confirmed the fine and offered no further comment.
The penalty comes amid a wider stand-off between Russia and Big Tech, with Moscow routinely fining social media giants for failing to remove banned content and seeking to compel foreign tech firms to open offices in Russia.
State communications regulator Roskomnadzor said last month that Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Incorporated, could be fined up to 6mn roubles for not storing the personal data of Russian users in databases on Russian territory.
Russia has previously fined Google for not deleting banned content.
Google has also irked the Russian authorities by blocking YouTube accounts owned by pro-Kremlin figures and media.
Yesterday a Moscow court registered administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter for the same offence, the Interfax news agency reported, but did not set a court date.
Facebook and Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The two companies, fined 4mn roubles each in February 2020 for breaching Russian data law, were warned in May that they must open databases in the country by July or face fines of up to 18mn roubles.

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