Doha College students' math achievements in spotlight
July 16 2021 07:58 PM
Rayhaan Moideen - Year 11.
Rayhaan Moideen - Year 11.

Doha College, one of the oldest international schools in Qatar, has highlighted its long tradition of outstanding achievements in mathematics, noting that the academic year that has just concluded was no different, yielding many honours.
First up was the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Intermediate Challenge. Years 7-9 students achieved nine Gold, 30 Silver, and 27 Bronze certificates, with Efe Nazlim, Jianne Lee and Erin Kim claiming ‘Best in Year’ awards.

Arunima Srivastav - Year 12

Years 10 and 11 students bagged nine Gold, 19 Silver and 21 Bronze certificates, with Annaika Manu, Sendhur Muthukumar and Bradley Wong achieving ‘Best in Year’ awards.
Students in Years 12 and 13 secured four Gold, nine Silver and 12 Bronze certificates, with Mathula Muhundan and Ailsa Cameron clinching ‘Best in Year’ awards.

Noureldin Ali - Year 13

A total of 18 students from Years 7-11 and four from Years 12 and 13 students, also qualified for the invitation-only UKMT Junior and Senior competition, respectively.
Additionally, Erin Kim and Ryaan Khan, both in Year 8, secured qualification for the British Junior Mathematical Olympiad. These competitions encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.
Six Year 11 Doha College students achieved certificates of Distinction, meaning they ranked within the top 25% in the world, in the University of Waterloo CEMC CAYLEY contest. Five Year 12 students achieved certificates of Distinction in the CEMC FERMAT contest and seven students from Year 13 achieved certificates of Distinction in the CEMC EUCLID contest.
The highest Doha College scorers in each of these competitions, who were rewarded with medals by the University of Waterloo, were Rayhaan Moideen - Year 11, Arunima Srivastav - Year 12 and Noureldin Ali - Year 13.
At the local level, Nevio Carta, Salma Haba, Annaika Manu and Nithukshan Thirugnanasambanthar participated in the Qatar Mathematics Network Year 9 Inter-School Competition. The team battled four other schools in the region and placed first in the one-hour, three-round contest. Salma achieved the highest score in our school and distinguished herself particularly in the mental mathematics round.
Shabih Bashir, Enrichment co-ordinator for Mathematics at Doha College, shared his thoughts on these highlights: “It is incredibly gratifying to observe our students excel beyond our very high expectations of them. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, we have facilitated over 20 competitions and events for our students this year, and both students and teachers have shown an immense amount of enthusiasm towards these opportunities. Not only are our students ultra-successful, but they are also kind and supportive of each other; with spontaneous bursts of applause and praise-giving being the norm.
"When I joined this school, I was told that it was cool to be a mathematician here, and I am very proud to be involved in continuing this wonderful legacy.”
Doha College principal Dr Steffen Sommer emphasised the importance of the subject: “Mathematics being the mother of all disciplines, the root of logic and the driver of exploratory thinking, I am exceptionally proud of our mathematicians who, with their top places in the competition, have shown how the consistent development of High Performance Learning skills at Doha College encourages divergent thinking and, with it, stimulates and expands our students’ minds. Congratulations!”

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