HSBC’s expat account offers 'unique' features on 'single secure' platform
June 16 2021 10:35 PM
Omar al-Ansari
Omar al-Ansari

HSBC’s expat account offers international customers with multiple accounts in different countries the unique option to access their accounts on one single and secure platform.
“We have seen an increase in requests from our ‘Premier’ and ‘Advance’ customers to open accounts in our offshore centres over the past year,” said Omar al-Ansari, head (Wealth and Personal Banking) in Qatar.
“Our unique internet banking platform offers customers access to all their accounts on one single and very secure platform,” Omar added.
The ‘Global View and Global Transfers’ feature allows ‘Premier’ and ‘Advance’ customers to instantly transfer money from one account to the other in some 25 currencies and to 25 countries and regions.
“The account options offer internationally mobile customers easy access and full control of their finances from one location,” said al-Ansari.
“We have seen the disruption in people’s ability to travel over the past year and the fact that they could access their money from the comfort of one location gave many customers control over the funds and ease of mind in the safety of their wealth.”
Transferring money from one account to the next takes less than six seconds and is free of cost.
The features also include international financial solutions where the bank helps people when they need to relocate. “Using our international network, we introduce an HSBC relationship manager to assist customers with their banking and financial needs both at home and abroad,” said Omar, “and if you qualify as a Premier customer in one country you automatically qualify for the same in the next,” he said.

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