Qatar's waste management strategy 80% complete, says official
June 11 2021 09:14 PM
Hamad Jassim al-Bahr
Hamad Jassim al-Bahr

Around 80% of the strategy for waste management in Qatar has been accomplished by a Danish company engaged as a consultant a year ago by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), Hamad Jassim al-Bahr, director of Waste Management, has said.
He told local Arabic daily Arrayah that this strategy for the next 10 years is set to make a quantum leap in waste management in the country whether regarding the related legislation, or the sophisticated equipment and mechanisms in dealing with various types of waste.
Besides, a tender will be issued soon regarding a landfill project at Mesaieed, which will be designed in a sophisticated way so as not to allow any leakage of the waste products into the land. In addition, the methane gas generated will be utilised to produce electricity.
Another tender will be offered regarding the establishment of four transportation stations to convey the waste to the treatment and recycling centres. A land plot has been allocated for 48 waste recycling plants at Al Afjah Area with one of these for recycling electronic waste.
He pointed out that the waste management centre at Mesaieed is considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East and receives around 2,000 tonnes of household waste a day. It produces around 100 tonnes of fertilisers through the recycling and treatment of waste food products, animal carcasses, and the green waste from tree pruning and grass' cutting.
In addition, the centre produces around 50MW of electricity as a byproduct of waste recycling. There are also a number of recyclable items produced by the centre and sold to some factories and companies to use them in the remanufacturing processes.
Regarding the construction waste, he said that Rawdat Rashid landfill used to receive around 10,000 tonnes a day, which dropped recently by almost 10% as most major infrastructure projects in the country are nearing completing. A year ago, the MME signed a contract with Qatar Primary Materials Company for 20 years to recycle these materials and reuse the products at the various urban development projects across the country. Accordingly, the company produces 14 different products of these primary materials and sells them at the market.
Besides, around 2,000 to 2,500 discarded tyres are received at Rawadat Rashid landfill a day, where there are a number of workshops who shred and re-export them in addition to four factories at Al Afjah Area, which recycle these tyres and produce various products from them. There are also three companies at Umm Al Afaei Area, which work in the same field and they are supported by the MME as they are granted a sum of QR250 for each tonne of recycled tyres, whether it is exported or used locally by the recycling factories.

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