Vodafone Qatar Saturday unveiled its enhanced Internet of Things (IoT) ‘Fleet Management’ solution, which enables businesses to maximise the efficiency of their fleet operations.
The latest iteration of this solution delivers real-time information such as traffic data, vehicle location, fuel consumption, vehicle status and employee work-time, and is managed end-to-end by Vodafone Qatar.
Two variations of the updated Fleet Management solution are now available.
The ‘Advanced solution’ gives enterprises access to a range of advanced features, which can be tailored to the individual requirements of both company admins and drivers.
The ‘Plug & Go’ solution is for businesses that do not require as complex features and enables company admins to quickly implement the solution to streamline their customer services and operations.
Both versions provide tracking, alerts and reporting and all data is accessible through a dedicated web portal, or a mobile application to allow for remote access. Furthermore, the ‘Advanced’ version allows users to assign tasks, dispatch jobs, and plan routes for drivers.
Some examples of the features included are:
•    Fleet module to monitor and track vehicles in both real-time and historically
•    Instant communication between drivers, fleet and admin for alerts and notifications
•    Maintenance module for keeping track of vehicle maintenance operations
•    Driving analytics module for driver shifts and behaviour insights
•    Schedule management for assigning tasks and route planning
•    Reports module to generate different data available throughout the platform
The solution has been developed to provide company admins and drivers with two separate interfaces which provide tailored sets of information, synchronised in real-time.
Overall, the solution delivers faster response times through more efficient job allocation, reductions in fuel costs due to shorter journeys, higher revenues as drivers will complete more jobs and better customer experience from faster lead times due to route optimisation.
IoT technology has also been proven to help companies that manage fleets to meet regulatory and corporate sustainability targets by reducing fuel use and carbon emissions.
Mahday Saad al-Hebabi, Business Services director, Vodafone Qatar, said, “Businesses should harness IoT solutions as a strategic asset to support their commercial decisions. But implementing new technologies can be daunting and can often be a reactive move rather than a proactive, strategic decision.
“Our aim is to make the selection and adoption of IoT solutions easier, more accessible, and affordable for all businesses. Our next-generation Fleet Management solution, underpinned by our strongest ever GigaNet network, means that they can leverage new technologies and digitally transform their operations whilst building customer trust.”
The IoT is revolutionising how businesses operate by optimising costs, helping them to better connect with their customers and tackle market challenges head-on. Vodafone Qatar develops end-to-end IoT solutions that are in line with leading global standards, designed for the local market, and offers far-reaching connectivity via one platform as well as competitive rates.
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