How many hugs does a person need daily?
May 05 2021 11:28 PM
Next time you meet your spouse, friend, or a family member, share a hug!
Next time you meet your spouse, friend, or a family member, share a hug!

By Hala Bader al-Huaidhi

How many hugs a person needs each day? Studies have proven the multiplicity of cuddling and this has been clearly demonstrated via studies in the field of psychology that have shown the benefits of a hug for men or women alike, so the greater the number of hugs the greater the health and the more peaceful and harmonious a person is with himself and others.

According to scientists, the benefit of a hug in psychology goes beyond that feeling that we get. They found that a hug has many benefits in strengthening the immune system, increasing self-confidence, increasing the secretion of the hormone of happiness, and reducing stress and psychological tension, in which we will show below:


1. A hug while looking into the eyes:

Shows the depth of love.


2. Hugging with a pawn:

This type of hug gives support and shows that this person is very close to oneself as a friend or life partner.


3. A distant hug:

Indicates that there is a large distance that neither party is able to cross.


4. A Strong hug: This hug indicates the strength of the relationship and the longing between the two parties


5. Hugging with one hand:

Hugging indicates containment, protection and safety, so there is no need to fear.


6. Hugging with the head on the chest:

This hug is usually during a period of sadness or complaint to the other party.

How many hugs does a person need each day?

1. People need at least four hugs a day to reduce stress.

2. A person needs eight hugs per day to be able to regain his psychological harmony and to have good communication.

3. A person needs twelve hugs a day to be able to grow in a healthy mental health, and be happier and healthier.

Surprised? Aren't we all! Next time you meet your spouse, friend, or a family member, share a hug!


* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram @Tipsbyhalahill

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