QNTC conducts inspection campaign at Qatar Centre for Motorcycles (Batabit) in Sealine
March 07 2021 04:00 PM
QNTC conducts inspection campaign at Qatar Centre for Motorcycles
This inspection campaign focuses on addressing safety concerns regarding motorcycle and four-wheel bike rentals

This comes as part of the collaboration between the government entities to ensure the safety of individuals and properties
Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) carried out two inspection campaigns at the motorcycle and four-wheel drive bike rental offices in Sealine.
In a statement, QNTC noted that these inspections were to ensure the properties are licensed and committed to applying the provisions of Circular No. (5)/2018, which specifies operating guidelines associated with tourism transport activities, as well as the terms and standards of four-wheel drive bikes, designated for tourists for desert trips.
QNTC launched the inspection campaigns in the beginning of 2021. During the first campaign, 26 rental offices were notified about existing violations, with final warnings issued during the second campaign.
Rental offices that continue to violate licence and safety conditions will be shut during the third campaign, which started in February.
QNTC is conducting these inspections in collaboration with the South Security Department, the General Directorate of Traffic, and The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) – represented by the Department of Protection and Wildlife, to improve security and safety during the winter camping season in the Sealine.
QNTC COO Berthold Trenkel said: “We work closely with all public and private institutions to improve security and safety during the camping season, and to enhance the visitor experience in Qatar. With a strong focus on Service Excellence, QNTC works with owners, helping them comply with requirements and obtain the necessary licenses. With safety and service key, we aim to help vendors protect their investments while preserving the safety of tenants and campers alike”.
Mohamed al-Ansari, director of Tourism Licensing at QNTC, said: “The initiative follows Circular No. (5)/2018, which lays out conditions and regulations for vendors. The licensee must keep periodic maintenance records that include the maintenance history of brake pads, fuel and oil pumps, filters, batteries, and other technical matters related to the safety of passengers and bikes.”
“Requirements related to the storage of motorbikes and fuel are included in the circular, with motorcycle tracks and the maximum speed allowed clearly stated. Modifications to motorcycles that may affect safety are not allowed, neither are any modifications to the exhaust. These measures help prioritise the safety of renters and campers and prevent environmental pollution,” al-Ansari added.
The circular outlines further rules, including a stipulation that bike renters must be 16 years of age or older, with younger patrons only allowed to drive suitable bicycles under the supervision of their parents. The licensee must also oblige bikers to wear safety gear, and make sure that the right size of helmets, shoes, and gloves, and protective equipment are being used. Drivers must wear seatbelts in vehicles accommodating more than one passenger.
This inspection campaign focuses on addressing safety concerns regarding motorcycle and four-wheel bike rentals. As head of the tourism sector in the country, and a licensing authority, QNTC focuses on providing safe, secure experiences.
With the popularity of camping and associated activities, enforcing regulations is of great importance, helping the sector build offerings and assuage concerns.

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