Beach Private Gazebo at St Regis offers great views, good food
January 24 2021 12:17 AM
The St Regis Doha.
Views from the Beach Private Gazebo at The St Regis Doha. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

The St Regis Doha has added a new attraction – Beach Private Gazebo – for guests to enjoy a desert-like atmosphere on the beach along with signature Lebanese dishes during the pleasant winter evenings.
The hotel recently hosted selected guests to experience “desert camping” but in a “safer and more comfortable atmosphere”.
There are private gazebos set up on the beach overlooking the Arabian Gulf, which offer guests the opportunity to enjoy private gatherings with family and friends.
The signature dishes of Al Sultan Brahim, the famous Lebanese restaurant, were served to guests at the gazebos as the bonfires made the atmosphere cozy and relaxing.
A limited number of guests were invited, in keeping with coronavirus (Covid-19) safety protocol.
“The concept behind this offer is to present the guests with an opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the sea and the skylines of Doha and The Pearl-Qatar at the same time,” said St Regis marketing director Rosette Fares. “The St Regis, being a prominent hotel, wants to offer its guests with many listings, as people had a difficult last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and related lockdowns.”
The hotel wants guests to enjoy classical Lebanese food in the open during the winter season.
“Since the weather in Doha is very beautiful, people can go out to enjoy and change their mood,” she said. “There is no better way than staying at the beach and enjoying the stunning views.
“With the start of 2021, we wanted to bring some entertainment and fun for our guests.”
On the restaurant, Fares said: “Al Sultan Brahim is the finest Lebanese restaurant. It is a well-known chain, and people love its food.
“We want our guests to enjoy the food at the gazebos in the open atmosphere.
“We thought it would be an appealing combination for our guests. So far, it has been a successful project.”
The beach gazebos are open every day, from 5pm to 11.30pm.
“Guests can enjoy their evening and dinner here. If someone wants to come earlier, we can accommodate them, but pre-booking is needed,” she said.
The hotel has been highly cautious when it comes to safety measures regarding Covid-19.
“In the rooms, we provide our customers with masks and sanitisers around the clock. In the hotel, nobody is allowed to move without a mask,” Fares said. “We have 24-hour monitoring. We cannot accept more than five guests at one table, observing social distancing.
“In one gazebo, we do not allow more than five people. We strictly abide by the rules issued by the government. The health and safety of our guests and our team is our priority.”

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