Blyth Academy student's artwork gets recognition at Katara expo
January 22 2021 09:32 PM
Blyth Academy student's artwork gets recognition at Katara expo
Blyth Academy student's artwork gets recognition at Katara expo

Visual Art Center Katara in collaboration with Qatar Red Crescent recently announced the results of the art competition exhibition ‘The Crescent Draws Hope’, during the Covid-19 crisis.

Minahil Khurram, 15-year-old Canadian Pakistani, is a talented art enthusiast. She participated in the exhibition with her distinguished original hand-drawn multimedia art and got selected for the group exhibit among senior artists.

Minahil is an Art 10 student of Blyth Academy, a Canadian school in Qatar. She received the certificate of participation with a gift at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Minahil’s artwork was appreciated immensely by number of visitors at the opening.

Minahil said: “My Red Crescent artwork is inspired by coronavirus and the struggle faced by individuals during the pandemic. During the isolation period, people were desolate and had no access to the outside world. It was a time when humanity experienced the loss of their livelihood, hilarity, and loved ones. This essence is depicted in the dull image of a woman, who has lost trace of vitality and liveliness. Although she is obscured from colour, her eyes speak of faith that the world will bounce back and come out of the pandemic even stronger. The background illustrates virtues of sanguine content, acting as a separation between the eyes of the woman who is hoping for better and a world where there is security and defence from coronavirus.

“I am very thankful to my parents and my teachers who always supported me and encouraged me to get recognised in the Qatar art scene.”


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