* Awareness campaigns yielding results with number of road accidents and fatalities going down in Qatar
Damaging or altering traffic signs can lead to the imposition of steep fines on offenders, it was stressed at a virtual seminar on the country's traffic law Sunday.
“Destroying traffic signs or any part of them, shifting them or changing their content, information or direction, damaging them or damaging the road can result in imprisonment of a minimum one month and maximum three years and/or a fine of a minimum QR10,000 and maximum QR50,000,” said Capt Mohamed Abdullah al-Kuwari, officer at the Traffic Awareness Department, General Directorate of Traffic.
He was addressing a virtual seminar on Traffic Law No 19/2007 Sunday, organised by the Ministry of Interior (MoI's) Public Relations Department in co-operation with the Traffic Awareness Department at the directorate, as part of a series of awareness programmes.
The seminar was attended by representatives of various companies and community leaders.
He noted that awareness campaigns were yielding results with the number of road accidents and fatalities going down in Qatar. Accident cases are decreasing despite an increase in the number of vehicles, he added.
Capt al-Kuwari, who explained various traffic offences and the fines involved, said no violation would be tolerated and asked motorists to follow the rules and stay alert as most roads are monitored by the directorate through surveillance cameras installed as part of the Talaa project.
Accidents have social and psychological impacts and everyone should be careful while driving in order to avert undesirable situations on roads, he said, adding that fines are imposed not to make money but to ensure the safety of all.
He also referred to the 'black points' system that was introduced with the aim of preventing accidents and penalising errant drivers. He explained there are provisions in which licences are suspended if the motorist concerned commits serious offences on roads and gets the maximum number of 'black points'.
He asked people to abstain from driving non-registered vehicles as well as driving without a valid licence and vehicle registration.
Further, Capt al-Kuwari said making changes and altering vehicles without written permission from the authorities is also a violation that results in getting 'black points' and a fine of QR3,000.
He urged vehicle owners to inform the authorities if the number plate is damaged and replace it accordingly in order to avoid a fine of QR500.
Capt al-Kuwari also gave instructions for driving schools and trainers. He urged drivers to follow the speed limit and properly apply brakes, noting that violations in such cases may cause accidents.
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