In preparation of the Qatar National Day, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani (FBQ) Museum has planned special programmes, it was announced on Thursday. "Visitors can learn more about the history of our beloved country and the rich culture of Qatari people through marvelous collections, rare artifacts, and art pieces showcased at FBQ Museum that tell stories about the history of Qatar from the past and up to the present," according to a statement. 
On December 18 (3pm to 5pm) and 19 (10.30am to 12noon, 3pm to 5pm) there is a Qatari Heritage Section Tour. On both days, there are opportunities for getting Arabic calligraphy souvenirs and taking photos in a traditional Qatari majlis setting, during regular museum hours. From December 18 until January 2, 2021, a Qatari art exhibition is scheduled at The White Majlis, featuring exceptional selections from FBQ Museum.