Commercial Bank and Qatar University (QU) have announced the winners of a joint design competition held from October 20 aimed at creating a modern banking experience suitable primarily for QU students.

Enjoying a sole and exclusive presence inside the Qatar University Metro Station, Commercial Bank, through the contest, aimed to allocate a dedicated space for students that they could visit to escape, study, learn about finance, and use it as they see fit.

QU students were requested to come up with an idea on how to use the allocated space at the Commercial Bank branch at Qatar University Metro Station, name their project, and pitch their ideas.

From the 29 entries, six finalists were selected by a panel of judges. The following were finally selected as the prize winners: Batool Alshaikh and Ola Hwari won a QR10,000 prize each, an internship at Commercial Bank, and the opportunity to work with the professional design team to see how their idea can be brought to life;

Hadeel Salih, Abida Khan, and Rawda Saleem won QR5,000 each; and Saad Haroon Alrashid, Said Haroon Alrashid, Abdulrahman Taher, Hagar Gaber, Abdellatif Mashhour, Tasnim Mashhour, Tariq Daoud, and Amr Ouda were awarded QR1,000 each. The other participants received a certificate of participation.

Amit Sah, EGM and head of Retail Banking at Commercial Bank, said: “As part of our Sadara Youth product offering, and based on our deep understanding of how important it is for students to express themselves, we are proud to say that the collaboration with Qatar University was indeed a great success.”

The competition appealed to a lot of students who succeeded in exceeding the expectations of the jury.

Hussein Ali al-Abdulla, EGM, chief marketing officer at Commercial Bank, said: “The contest introduced a whole new approach about banking to students. It made them invest in their capabilities, explore their talents, and go above and beyond with their creativity.”

The success of the competition was attributed to the fruitful collaboration between Commercial Bank and QU.

Dr Abdulla al-Yafei, associate vice president for Student Life and Services at QU, said the contest has “enriched the students’ activities at the university in a special way.”

“The collaboration we have had with Commercial Bank represents a typical form of collaborations we endeavor to sign on at the university. As we wrap our competition successfully, we are looking forward to the execution of the idea and to more collaborations with Commercial Bank,” al-Yafei said.

Nada Asad al-Emadi, acting director of Student Activities, said: “On behalf of Qatar University, I would like to thank Commercial Bank for providing our students with such a challenging opportunity. I believe that the professional experiences gained from this competition are many and various, and considered as the most important professional skills for a successful employee.”

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