The Qatari Armed Forces on Thursday concluded Nasr 2020 military exercise in the presence of HE the Chief of Staff of Qatari Armed Forces Lieutenant General (Pilot) Ghanem bin Shaheen al-Ghanem.
HE the Deputy Chief of Staff for Education and Training Major-General Hamad Ahmed al-Nuaimi, who is also the head of Nasr 2020, the exercise was for command centres that saw all branches of the armed forces participating along with a Turkish batch.
Al-Nuaimi said that the four-month exercise was spread over several phases, the most prominent of which was the second phase.
He said ground forces artillery, Apache attack helicopters, and naval artillery participated in phase four under a joint command, highlighting the important role played by unmanned drones in extracting the co-ordinates of targets.
The deputy chief of Staff for Education and Training said the exercise was designed to simulate real-life situations accurately.
He noted that many state-of-the-art systems were equipped in the land, air, and naval forces, which helped enhance the capabilities of the armed forces in planning and implementing joint operations efficiently.
The concluding part of the exercise was attended by Turkey's ambassador to Qatar Mehmet Mustafa Goksu, and ranking officers at the Qatari Armed Forces.
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