Qatar Charity has provided urgent relief to those affected by floods which swept large parts of West Kordofan in Sudan.

The aid included emergency food and shelter assistance to more than 5,824 people.

Qatar Charity teams visited 15 villages of Al-Khoei in West Kordofan.

Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid in West Kordofan, Mohamed Youssef, said that Qatar Charity's urgent humanitarian intervention benefited the affected people, and the extend of the damage was so huge it was beyond the government's capabilities.

Programme manager at Qatar Charity Office in Sudan, Mohamed Musa, said that the aid came with the support of a Qatari donor who took the initiative to offer shelter materials and 832 baskets of food needs.

He said 5,824 affected people have benefited from Qatari food aid.

Musa noted that the provision of tents and shelter materials to those whose homes were destroyed comes within the Safety for Sudan campaign which was able to reach areas most affected by floods.

The campaign was well appreciated in Sudan.