Modi woos Bihar voters with attack on opposition
October 23 2020 11:54 PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he addresses an election rally in Rohtas district of Bihar yesterday.

IANS /Sasaram (Bihar)

Five days ahead of the first phase of the Bihar Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said that the state’s people cannot forget the “lawlessness” seen during the 15-year rule of the opposition (Rashtriya Janata Dal).
“The people of Bihar know what the situation was at that time. People were killed in broad daylight, kidnappings took place, and criminals were protected by leaders of the ruling party. Massacres happened in large numbers. People of Bihar stayed inside their homes after sunset.
No one can forget that,” Modi said while addressing a public gathering in Shahpur in Sasaram block of Rohtas district.
“The situation changed after the change of regime in Bihar. Such lawlessness had forced people of Bihar to change the government. After the NDA came to power under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, the atmosphere of fear changed. Now, parents are not scared when their daughters step out of the house.
“What was the situation then? Parents virtually lived in fear till their daughters returned home safely,” Modi said.
“Now, a new generation has come into politics of Bihar but its ideology is the same. People of Bihar will not fall for their bluff. People will give votes to the NDA. “They (opposition leaders) are experts in spreading aberration. The people of Bihar  are aware how they extort lakhs of rupees for giving one government job. They are offering the same this time too to get votes. They are looking at you with tempting offer. They are luring voters of Bihar through job offers,” Modi said.
“When the RJD lost the Assembly elections in Bihar in 2005, they were still part of the UPA at the centre. They deliberately did not allow the economic packages to be sanctioned to the state from the Centre,” Modi claimed.
The prime minister added: “Nitish Kumar was the CM of Bihar and I was Gujarat CM when the UPA ruled at the Centre. In every CMs’ meeting in Delhi, Nitish Kumar used to urge the then Manmohan Singh government for special packages for Bihar but the Congress alliance partner (RJD) would not let it sanction any package. In the last four years, we have a double engine government in Bihar and we are working together.”
“The leaders on the other side (UPA) are on a destructive path to sabotage the nation. We abolished Article 370 of the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir last year and their leaders said they will restore it once they came to power,” Modi said.
“Bihar is a place which produces brave soldiers. They were martyred while fighting in Galwan Valley. They were also martyred in the Pulwama attack. I want to pay respects and homage to them and their family,” Modi said.
Modi said he had decided to conduct one common entrance examination in the country for different jobs.”Besides, we will soon implement ‘education in mother tongue’, including in higher education fields like medical and engineering,” he said. He claimed that the opposition were against new agricultural laws to save middlemen. “The farmers will directly sell their produce to anyone and anywhere.”

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