Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has won the Best Eelectronic Services Award in the GCC countries.

The award is one of three categories, included in the outstanding performance award for customer services departments, which is organised by the customer services team of the electricity and water conservation committee and subscriber services in the GCC member states.

The best electronic services award reflects the excellence of Kahramaa in the field of subscriber services at the regional level, especially electronic services, and the provision of high-quality services to its subscribers through its website and the smart phone application as a result of continuous improvement it pursues.

This win supports Kahramaa's long-term strategy (2014-2030) as the corporation is currently working on implementing the plans of the second phase of its 2019-2023 plan which is the phase of regional excellence and thus achieves the most important strategic goals of the corporation such as excellence in customer service goal and improving processes and systems goal.

The award also confirms the success of the smart services transformation efforts as Kahramaa seeks to become a paperless corporation as part of its efforts towards achieving sustainable development, preserving the environment and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

The evaluation team for the outstanding performance award for the GCC customer service departments had visited Kahramaa and was briefed on the customer service strategy and the electronic services provided.

The award aims to support and develop the business of the subscriber services sector in the GCC countries by highlighting successful practices in the areas of business management and outstanding performance, and motivating corporations to apply the principles and techniques of total quality.