More campaigns targeting abandoned vehicles in pipeline
August 29 2020 11:38 PM
The meeting in progress.
The meeting in progress.

More campaigns will be carried out in different parts of the country to remove abandoned vehicles, according to the plans of the committee concerned.

The joint committee for removing abandoned vehicles in the country held its fifth regular meeting led by Brigadier Ali Salman al-Hassan al-Mohannadi, head of the committee, following the issuance of Ministerial Decision No 187 of 2020 to reshuffle the committee.

During the meeting, the progress and mechanism of the campaigns to remove abandoned vehicles from different areas of the country, since their launch in July, were discussed. Besides, the members reviewed the difficulties and hurdles faced by the committee during such campaigns. Accordingly, Brigadier al-Mohannadi stressed the need to continue making intensive efforts to remove all abandoned vehicles and eradicate this phenomenon from across the country. He also gave directives to field teams to enforce the penalties stipulated in Law No 18 of 2017 on all violators.

The official presented the work plans of the committee in the coming period, which include carrying out another campaign within the jurisdiction of Al Daayen Municipality from September 4, simultaneously with a similar drive in Al Khor and Al Thakhira. After these campaigns conclude, a similar campaign will be conducted in Umm Slal Municipality from September 12, according to the time-frame adopted by the committee.

Then, the committee will start an operation in Al Shamal Municipality to remove abandoned vehicles over a week. When this is over, work will be carried out in Al Sheehaniya Municipality and then in Al Wakra Municipality. The campaigns are scheduled to end in October.

Similar campaigns have also been carried out in Doha and Al Rayyan municipalities.

According to the schedule, the removal of abandoned vehicles will be conducted regularly and round the clock for a full week in each targeted municipality. After the committee concludes its planned work in co-operation with the municipalities and departments concerned, an assessment of the adopted plan will be conducted from mid-October until the end of the year to evaluate its success in achieving the targets and avoid any negative impact when preparing a new plan, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has said in a statement.

The committee will continue to work closely with the municipalities in accordance with the reports received on the issue.

The panel has urged the owners of violating vehicles to quickly address their situation to avoid facing any legal procedures. They have also been asked to avoid using pavements and public parking lots to leave behind their vehicles, which spoil the aesthetic appeal of the place. Besides, they should maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles' exterior and avoid neglecting their overall appearance.

Further, the field teams of the committee have expressed their full readiness to carry out the removal of abandoned vehicles across the country. Co-operation and co-ordination can be maintained with the committee as it receives any reports about abandoned vehicles on its hotline (33238885), which is dedicated for this purpose across the country.

Upcoming campaigns

Following is the scheduled campaigns to remove abandoned vehicles, which includes the municipality concerned, starting date and anticipated ending date:

1. Al Daayen Municipality - September 4 to September 11

2. Umm Slal Municipality - September 12 to September 19

3. Al Shamal Municipality - September 20 to September 27

4. Al Sheehaniya Municipality - September 28 to October 5

5. Al Wakrah Municipality - October 6 to October 13

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