The Ministry of Culture and Sports and Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) continue the implementation of a project to support the knowledge and reading activities for displaced Syrian children in the camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, as part of the QFFD initiative (QUEST).

QFFD support to the project amounted to QR7mn, embodying the deep commitment of Qatar to support the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people, and affirming the role of education and knowledge in shaping the future of Syria, in partnership with international and regional organisations.

The partnership between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and QFFD provides an example for the interaction between various Qatari institutions to implement the Qatari support and assistance to the Syrian refugees and displaced.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, selected and acquired books according to criteria that respond to the great perceptions that nurture human thought and establish in new generations the conditions for the revival of societies.

The implementation of the MoU between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, and QFFD was launched on the sidelines of the 28th Doha International Book Fair in December 2017, aiming to support the cultural activities for displaced Syrian children in the camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

The partnership continued to the 30th edition of the exhibition.

Under the MoU, various books were purchased from various publishers and were then sent to the Syrian refugee children thanks to the efforts of Qatar Red Crescent.

HE the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem al-Ali underlined that supporting the Syrian refugee children is a humanitarian duty aimed at preserving their right to knowledge, strengthening their will to live, instilling optimism in them, and developing their creative faculties to contribute to the renaissance of their society in the future.

QFFD Director-General Khalifa al-Kuwari said that the partnership comes as part of QUEST initiative supported by the Fund to support the Syrian refugees to help them receive good regular education and develop the capabilities of youth and children in order to ensure a good future, adding that the project serves the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the Fourth Goal on education.

Doha International Book Fair represented an important annual hub for providing refugees with the latest publications that develop their awareness and vision of life.

Moreover, the strategy of Qatar Fund for Development is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, as the Fund seeks to promote human development by focusing its projects and activities on the sectors of education, health and economic empowerment.

QFFD has built a wide network of strategic partners at the national level, including Qatari governmental and non-governmental institutions and the private sector, as well as at the international level through partnerships with UN organisations, international institutions and development funds.

The QUEST initiative aims mainly to ensure that children and young people, who have suffered the outcome of the Syrian crisis, are able to get the necessary education and skills that enable them to move to formal education and find good jobs in the future to be active members of their community.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the project to support the activities of displaced Syrian children in the camps, continues to achieve its vision and mission to mobilise the society and individuals through culture and sports, to achieve a life approach in which the person preserves his dignity and becomes an active member in building his local and human community.

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