An Iraqi security source announced Sunday the launching of a new military operation to track ISIS cells in six villages north Miqdadiyah in Diyala Governorate, northeast Iraq.

The operation was launched to track ISIS along 40 kilometers northeast of Baqubah, in northeast Iraq, the source said, explaining that the operation launched from three main axes as it aims to redeploy the Iraqi security forces and secure the liberated villages.

In another context, Salah Al-Din Operations Command announced that it was able to kill three armed men and destroy tunnels and centres of the ISIS organisation cells.

The Joint Special Operations Command carried out a security operation to strike specific targets north Therthar Lake, opposite of Telol al baj, and also east of Hatra district in north Iraq, said the source in a press statement, adding that the security operation resulted in the destruction of six tunnels and four centres of the ISIS organisation.

On the other hand, ISIS members carried out an armed attack on the house of the Deputy Governor of Salah Al-Din Ismail Khadir Al-Haloub.

A security source said that the deputy governor was attacked with various light weapons by ISIS cells, without causing any casualties. (QNA)

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