Partnership between QF and Embrace Doha also emphasises the joy and the meaning of Eid al-Fitr

Education, entertainment, interaction, and experiences have been blended by Qatar Foundation (QF) to give people from Qatar and beyond an insight into the nation’s Ramadan traditions – and prepare them to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

An online gathering organised by QF's Community Engagement team and youth initiative Tomoh For Development Organisation saw social media influencers from Qatar invite fellow influencers from abroad invited to experience a virtual iftar in a Qatari setting, promoting the spirit and the value of cultural exchange.

During the live and interactive two-hour event, Ramadan With Qatari Vibes, hosts Noor al-Tamimi and Abdullah al-Ghafri explained Qatari customs, traditions, and the practices they perform during the Holy Month in the company of guests Alex Macheras and Jose Saucedo.

With a local, regional, and international audience invited to tune in, it also featured competitions and challenges between the influencers – with the online audience joining in – activities including table preparations, decorations, and customs, and a recital of verses from the Qur’an, as well as iftar itself.

Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, QF’s Community Engagement team, together with Embrace Doha, also held an online event centred around the annual festival that marks the end of Ramadan – explaining its meaning, the preparations made for it, and how it is celebrated by young and old alike.

‘Through our Ramadan With Qatari Vibes celebration, organised in partnership with Tomoh, we aimed to provide a true cross-cultural experience that both engages and enlightens people, both in Qatar and beyond,’ said Ameera al-Aji, Culture and Heritage Programming Specialist, QF.

‘Many people know about Ramadan, but have maybe not had the opportunity to discover how its traditions are reflected within Qatari homes. By bringing together influencers from Qatar and abroad, we wanted to provide a unique edutainment opportunity for people to experience a traditional iftar, even in this time of physical distancing.

‘As Ramadan nears its end, we have also looked to bring the essence of Eid al-Fitr home to people by giving them a wider insight into the message, meaning, and customs of this annual festival, through partnering again with Embrace Doha. These events reflect our belief that, just because we are physically apart, we can still come together to enjoy, learn, and share experiences.’

Fatma al-Taweel, deputy CEO, Tomoh, said: ‘As an organisation with a strong focus on empowering young individuals for leadership and community development, we aspire to promote social instructiveness.

‘We are delighted to have partnered with Qatar Foundation to host Ramadan With Qatari Vibes, an event that reflects the importance of fostering bonds of understanding that stretch across cultures. Even in these challenging times, technology – and the way we embrace it – has the capacity to keep us connected and bring us together, and we hope that Ramadan With Qatari Vibes has provided people with an opportunity to both enhance their knowledge about Qatari culture and traditions, and to simply have fun.’