Ministry of Awqaf's Sharia Committee allows early payment of Zakat Al Fitr
May 20 2020 04:30 PM
Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs

Qatar's Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs' Sharia Committee issued Wednesday a decision allowing Zakat Al Fitr to be paid early.
The committee, chaired by Sheikh Dr. Thaqil bin Sayer Al Shammari, said that the designated authorities can receive Zakat Al Fitr during Ramadan and are considered representatives of the state and the poor.

The committee's statement said that the purpose of Zakat Al Fitr was to help the poor during Eid. It added that it was possible to give the Zakat a day or two before Eid, so that a poor person can use it for Eid. They noted however that Zakat Al Fitr cannot be given much before Eid, as the needy people would probably spend it before the arrival of Eid. It cannot also be delayed after Eid, as people should give Zakat as soon as it is ready.

The committee concluded that based on these aspects they found it appropriate to give Zakat Al Eid during Ramadan to the designated authorities, as they act as representatives of the state and the poor. It added that the money paid would still count as Zakat even if they reached the poor after Eid, given the designated authorities act as a representative of the poor. The committee added that the spending of Zakat before Eid or after was also allowable if there is a reason to do so.

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