QDB initiative to develop solutions to tackle virus
April 05 2020 11:00 PM


Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has announced the launch of an initiative to develop entrepreneurial ideas to contribute to reducing the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19).
The bank stated that the initiative will be accomplished by launching (hackathon) (an event in which computer programmers and others meet to develop software) represents an electronic platform that opens for three days to give owners of innovative ideas the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial ideas that will help to deal with various problems and challenges that It is thrown by the spread of the new corona pandemic.
Hackathon Covid-19 includes challenges that were designed in co-operation with a number of the banks partners.
It will help to address the repercussions of the spread of the pandemic in various areas.
Winners will receive a package that includes financial support and various services to ensure these ideas are implemented.
The hackathon will be held from April 16-19, via a digital platform that will be launched this week.
The State of Qatar ranked third globally and first in the Middle East and North Africa according to the Entrepreneurial Environment Index, which is a comprehensive indicator that monitors the conditions of entrepreneurial activities and the possibility of achieving progress in them during the various stages of entrepreneurial activities, including financing entrepreneurial activities, government policies, then government programs for entrepreneurship, research and development, infrastructure, commercial and legal, among others.

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