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April 02 2020 12:09 AM
Shefa Ali
Shefa Ali

By Shefa Ali

Another day in self-isolation. I have been at home the whole week, my next outing will be to the supermarket, which seems quite a scary thought at the moment. There is so much time for reflection and introspection. This global crisis has reminded us how weak we are as human beings. 
We all love to be in control. We like to think ourselves as captains of our destiny, the masters of our futures. The reality is that today, more than ever before, technology has allowed us to control a large part of our lives. We can control our home’s lighting and security remotely; we can even control our bodies to some degree via exercise and medicine. But maybe this sense of control is a complete illusion, a snow globe that the coronavirus has shattered, revealing the harsh reality that we have no control what so ever. 
Now, here in Qatar, the authorities are trying to contain the spread of this virus by closing schools, restaurants and most offices. But does anyone really have the situation under control?
What about us? With soap and alcohol wipes we try to lower the risks of being infected, completely reasonable. But are we in control of the situation? Erm, I don’t think so.
In the midst of this global pandemic, how can we as individuals possibly make a difference? In the face of it all, we feel so small and insignificant. But there is something I know of that we can do. We can call out to the one who really is in control. God.
We can collectively pray for Qatar and the world, the authorities running our countries and cities. We can pray for the medical teams treating the sick. Pray for the men, women, and children who have been infected with the virus, for the people afraid to leave their homes, for those at high risk with other illnesses and for the older generations. We can pray that God will protect us, keep us safe and for this to end sooner rather than later. Never ever underestimate the power of collective prayers.

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