Qatar Museums compiles online resources for teachers and students
March 23 2020 10:57 PM
Khan Academy offers a programme suited for any school-aged child that knows how to read
Khan Academy offers a programme suited for any school-aged child that knows how to read

*Online learning resources to support, as well as educate and entertain, students and teachers

Students and teachers in Qatar stand to benefit from a list of online learning resources compiled by Qatar Museums (QM), which serve as useful tools to keep up with the school curriculum amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.
In an e-mail sent to Culture Pass members, QM noted that these digital platforms aim not only to support target audiences but also to educate and entertain them “during these challenging times.”

TED-Ed videos and lessons can be used to supplement nearly any subject with video learning, basic knowledge checks, and discussion questions

“We would especially recommend the ‘Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum’ that addresses a multitude of topics related to the digital and online world. As more learning tools become available, we will share them with you,” QM said.
QM cited the Khan Academy, which can be accessed through its mobile app website, provides “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”, in collaboration with the US Department of Education and various public and private educational institutions.
Besides easy to use and ad-free programme, it is also suited for “any school-aged child that knows how to read.” Khan Academy covers all school subjects, from art history to economics.

QM online gift shops offer entertaining and educational games and toys

Such platform combines educational videos with practice problems and project assignments. In math, the child starts with a tutorial and pre-test that designs a customised learning plan just for them. Children are encouraged with reward “badges” when they complete work.
The IXL, fitted for pre-K through grade 12, is popular to many children who use it for supplementing their regular school curriculum in math, English language arts, social studies and science.
According to QM, IXL is one of the few sites with great math content for non-reading children. “Children earn simple online prize pictures for completing milestones. Each skill adjusts to the child’s level—if you get enough problems right, it skips to the end, but if you get some wrong you have to do more.”
The IXL curriculum is entirely practice problems – no videos at all. Written explanations are given for incorrect answers, although non-readers can click on an icon to get audio explanations.
Children can do a few sets of problems per day for free or a monthly $9.99 subscription or $79 yearly for a family membership.
Meanwhile, students can take advantage of high school (more than 60 courses) and college courses from leading universities through EdX.
In 2015, EdX partnered with the College Board to provide online AP courses. Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, it now has more than 85 global partner institutions. Cost is free but extra fees apply for official transcripts and college credit.
Another free platform is TED-Ed, which “supports kids’ sense of wonder with outstanding short video lessons. It includes excellent, engaging videos and support for flipped-class lessons with an incredible community of thinkers and doers.
TED-Ed’s videos and lessons can be used to supplement nearly any subject with video learning, basic knowledge checks, and discussion questions.
Duolingo , awarded Google’s “Best of the Best” in 2013, provides free interactive foreign-language education in 15 languages and more are coming soon. “It’s simple, user friendly, and never boring.”
Duolingo is appropriate for ages five to adult. Users can earn digital awards called “lingots” and use them to “buy” special content. Progress is displayed in a graph form after every lesson.
According to QM, the resources it compiled aim to support families and teachers but do not substitute the official learning tools that schools or the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will put in place.
QM’s online gift shops also offer entertaining and educational games and toys “to beat boredom with these great indoor activities.”
A wide range of interactive activity books for children of fall school grades, which are based on galleries and collections at the National Museum of Qatar, will also help them learn more about Qatar’s natural history, customs and celebrations.

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