Qatar is a pioneer in hosting UN centres
February 28 2020 12:20 AM
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HE the President of the Supreme Judiciary Council and President of the Court of Cassation Dr Hassan Lahdan Saqr al-Mohannadi has underlined that the declaration of intent signed by Qatar and the United Nations to establish a Doha-based UN centre concerned with judicial integrity complements the pioneering initiatives launched by the country to host important UN centres that have a role in the field of training, development and unlocking potentials, and provide services to the countries of the region and the whole world.
Speaking at a press conference held after the closing session of the second high-level meeting of the Global Judicial Integrity Network, on Wednesday. HE al-Mohannadi said that signing the declaration reflects the keenness of the Qatari leadership on making Qatar an effective member of the international community, and on deepening and strengthening the relations and establishing peace for humanity. The declaration also forms a new start for exchanging experiences and benefiting from judicial experiences, in addition to its role in enhancing the transparency and integrity of the judiciary, in close co-operation with the United Nations.
The president of the Supreme Judiciary Council highlighted the pioneering initiative also launched on Wednesday, which is designating a world day for women judges, to be celebrated internationally under the umbrella of the United Nations.
He stressed the importance of the initiative, which was launched by Qatar in partnership with the International Association of Women Judges, noting that it affirms Qatar’s pioneering position as an active country in launching important initiatives.
Meanwhile, HE al-Mohannadi praised the great success achieved by the second high-level meeting of the Global Judicial Integrity Network with the participation of more than 120 countries and nearly 50 heads of judicial bodies and supreme courts, in partnership with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. He also praised the vital role made by all those who contributed to making this meeting a success from various judicial circles, and the rich discussion and high-level interaction made during the meeting.
In response to Qatar News Agency (QNA) question on the “Doha Declaration of Judicial Integrity” and the added value it provides to the march of the Global Judicial Integrity Network, HE al-Mohannadi said that the large participation of international judges and heads of courts in the Doha meeting indicates clearly the appreciation and confidence that Qatar enjoys internationally, whether in its attitudes, stances or participation that is beneficial to the international community. He underlined that the real addition offered by the Doha Declaration is “continuity”.
To a question about the initiative to designate a world day for women judges and how to activate it, he explained that the aim of launching this initiative is to enhance the presence of women in the judiciary, and that their assumption of the task of the judiciary be a self-evident and recognised matter, like other professional fields.
For his part, the Representative of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and Project Director of the Global Network for Judicial Integrity Marco Acehera highlighted the success of the meeting, and praised the partnership with Qatar in the field of training, building capabilities and developing training resources.
He commended the efforts exerted by Qatar to make this meeting a success and the huge participation in it, considering it the largest international meeting for judges sponsored by the United Nations.
He hailed the signing of Doha Declaration, noting that the Qatari efforts contribute effectively to promoting the judicial integrity.

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