Qatari-Algerian ties dominated by brotherhood, close co-operation
February 26 2020 01:15 AM
Ambassador Hassan bin Ibrahim al-Malki
Ambassador Hassan bin Ibrahim al-Malki


Qatar's Ambassador to Algeria Hassan bin Ibrahim al-Malki has affirmed that the relations between Qatar and Algeria are dominated by brotherhood and close co-operation, and are distinguished rooted relationship since the epic of the Algerian liberation revolution against the occupier.
In his statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani's visit to Algeria, the ambassador said that the deep-rooted fraternal ties between the two countries have resulted in close co-operation that has been strengthened by the honourable stances of Algeria.
The Amir's visit will push the path of co-operation with Algeria towards broader areas, the ambassador said, pointing out that he expects that official visits will intensify, whether it comes to officials in the two countries or businessmen, as there is much that can be done and the new Algeria offers great opportunities to advance interests of the two countries, and that Qatar is fully prepared to support the new era in Algeria.
The fraternal ties between the two countries date back decades, he said, adding that the two countries share many common characteristics, which are their strong adherence to the sovereignty of their decision and their pride in their national personality, through their adherence to the approach of peace and non-aggression on others.
The Arab world needs this insight in light of the great challenges facing all, including wars, conflicts, terrorism, deadly disputes and endless external ambitions, which confirms the need to bring views closer to the right path, and give people the hope they expect and the initiative to build the national state that depends on its people and their cooperation and solidarity, he added.
Qatar's ambassador to Algeria said that the Amir's visit comes at a time when Algeria is witnessing fundamental transformations, and a new path started by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune since his election as president on December 12, 2019.
The ambassador said that Qatar stands alongside Algeria, its leadership and people, in words and deeds, and that the Amir's visit reaffirms the sincerity of the Qatari position towards the Algeria in good and bad times. He underlined that in all cases, the interest of Algeria is in the interest of Qatar, and that the security and stability of Algeria and all that relates to its future is a priority for Qatar. Qatar will always be present alongside Algeria, he added.
The visions regarding the Arab, regional and international political situation are almost the same in many issues such as the Libyan crisis, al-Malki said, stressing that Qatar welcomes the strong diplomatic effort Algeria make to resolve the Libyan crisis according to a peaceful political perspective, at a time when some are working to ignite the fire of discord between one people in Libya and perpetuate the conflict through attempts to impose an illegal party by the force of arms on the legitimate party represented by the Government Of National Accord.
Regarding the Algerian position on the unjust blockade on Qatar, the ambassador of Qatar to Algeria said that Algeria has taken an honorable stance on the blockade as it was the first Arab country to issue a statement calling for resolving disputes through dialogue, respecting the sovereignty of the states and non-interference in internal affairs, and it rejected any action that leads to hostilities between Arab countries.
The ambassador indicated that Qatar considers Algeria as a large and influential country capable of playing a role in resolving Arab, regional or even international differences. He also praised Algeria's strong position on the Palestinian cause, which confirms the constancy of its foreign policy in line with the policy of Qatar, adding that this what makes Qatar much count on Algeria to lead initiatives and resolve disputes, and reunion of the Arabs.
The visits between officials in the two countries reflect the size of areas of mutual interest, which were characterised by diversity and expansion, and the high level of co-ordination, in order to enhance relations in its bilateral and multilateral framework, the ambassador said, pointing in the same context to the preparation for the 6th Qatari-Algerian Joint Higher Committee meeting, the last session of which was held in Doha in 2014.
On the joint projects between the two countries, ambassador al-Malki said that the two countries completed the implementation of a great joint project, which is the Bellara steel complex in the Jijel province in the northeast of Algeria, in addition to the existing co-operation between the two sides in the field of natural reserves.
In the area of communications, He noted the $350mn profits achieved Ooredoo in the first half of 2019 in Algeria, stressing that it is in continuous development and success, with 14mn Algerian subscribers out of 43mn.
On the level of co-ordination and ongoing political consultation between the two countries, the ambassador indicated that in 2016 the two countries ratified an agreement to exchange experiences and co-ordinate in the security field, including combating organised and transnational crime.
The ambassador stressed the stance of the two countries that reject any guardianship of their foreign policy, in addition to refusing to interfere in their internal affairs, adding that Algeria, which is jealous for its sovereignty, the sanctity of its soil and its established principles in supporting the oppressed, and Qatar with its free media, the independence of its decision, and its humanitarian projects across the world, will succeed thanks to their sincere efforts and strong will to re-correct the Arab path in a way that realizes the aspirations of peoples for freedom and progress.

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