“I try to find really intimate connection with the audience through my music”
February 23 2020 01:12 AM
East and West are two different worlds culturally. But, I think music connects these worlds. This is
East and West are two different worlds culturally. But, I think music connects these worlds. This is the power of music. It connects the world. It connects the souls of the people — Alessandro Martire

His compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which, originating from the classical tradition and contemporary elements, creates evocative and catchy melodies and harmonies.
There is no definition for his music. You can call it new age, classical crossover, contemporary, alternative and other such adjectives, but in the end, it always comes down to this: young Alessandro Martire plays Alessandro’s music.
Alessandro is a young Italian pianist and composer, born in Como in 1992. He studied piano and composition with the Italian teacher Giusto Franco at the Music Academy in Genoa. In 2012, he acquired more experience studying new age composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and performing in the final concert at the David Friend Recital Hall. He then graduated in International Relations and Political Science at the University of Milan.
His music is very original and that has led him to perform in prestigious universities and theatres around the world. Through his music, the pianist says that he connects in an intimate manner with his audience, tapping into their emotions, thoughts and dreams like an old friend.
The young musician, who was recently in Qatar to perform at Katara, in his career as a pianist and composer has performed on four international tours. Talking to Community, he said: “The ‘Melodia di Vita World Tour’ in 2013 was a big success. In a single year, I performed in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Switzerland, South Korea and Italy.
“‘Da Sempre in Tour’ opened in 2015 in Milan followed by concerts in Germany, Russia, Singapore and Indonesia. ‘Flames of Joy World Tour’ brought me to perform in only one month in 10 countries. ‘Flames of Joy World Tour 2.0 and 3.0’ took place respectively in 2017 and 2018.
Alessandro is also the composer of soundtracks for films, short films, theatre and commercials. “In 2018, I signed an important publishing agreement with Ultra International Music Publishing, an American worldwide music entity, and in 2019 with the Italian famous record company Carosello Records.
“In 2015, I founded Infinity Sound, a no profit association which promotes social projects and events for people with disabilities and difficulties, using music and sport as main connectors. In 2019 I started ‘Lej Festival – Floating Moving Concerts’, a unique and innovative festival and format whose first performance was held in Lake Como. I am again on the international tour to promote my new album Share the World. This album includes 11 compositions. Five of them are for piano with orchestra. Two are for piano solo. The other two are for piano with cello. The two more compositions are for piano with eight other elements. It took me two and a half years to complete the album. For the album, I have taken inspiration from all over the world.”
The pianist started playing the instrument when he was only 7. “I started composing with piano when I was 15. Now, I write and compose not only for piano solo but for orchestra as well. Piano with the orchestra is perfect for soundtrack music. It is like neo-classic music. I also admire lots of classical composers.”
When asked how he would best describe his music, the Italian pianist said: “It is very romantic. There is a lot of passion. I am an Italian so there is a lot of melody also. Melody is really important for my style of music. I actually try to find really intimate connection with the audience through my music.”
The composer is all praise for the western classical genre of the music. “I love this music. It involves lots of instruments. I simply love piano as an instrument because I started composing with the instrument. Piano gives me real emotions. I put in my soul while playing piano. It is actually a big friend of mine. It talks to me. Piano has been producing really amazing results for me.”
The composer of romantic music loves to play the piano in the open — in the natural settings such as high mounts, lakes and deserts. “I have a project to play in the natural environment. I have played in the middle of a lake in my city. I also want to play in the desert. I crave for playing piano in amazing natural places all over the world. It gives me genuine inspiration. It also inspires and moves deeply people who listen to me playing in a natural setting. I do enjoy playing in big theatres.”
The melodious pianist sees a sort of natural power in music that helps connect people across the world. “East and West are two different worlds culturally. But, I think music connects these worlds. This is the power of music. It connects the world. It connects the souls of the people.
“Musicians and artistes like me can really help increase the connectivity and elevate the existing connection. The popularity of the western classical music is one example how people have got connected to this genre in the East.
“Through my music, I want to describe my experiences and the world. In my latest album, I have described the world with my own point of view. The album actually offers a cultural sharing.”
Young Alessandro was in Qatar for the first time and was impressed by the architecture and interest shown in art and music. “Qatar is a young country. It however, is very dynamic. There is a lot of positive energy. The people here seem to have the desire to build real big things. I have seen real energy in the eyes of even a small artiste. My experience in Qatar has also given me a lot of positive energy to view the world in a different way.”  

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