Positive impact of Qatar’s response on blockade
February 13 2020 10:15 PM
British ambassador Ajay Sharma.
British ambassador Ajay Sharma.

Qatar has responded extremely well to the challenges that came out of the Gulf dispute, which positively impacted the country overall, particularly its economy, British ambassador Ajay Sharma has said.

“We’ve seen that the Qatari economy is going very well and Qatar develop new trading relationships with countries,” the envoy told a recent press briefing.

Highlighting how Qatar dealt with the crisis from June 2017, he cited the country’s efforts to develop new facilities such as the Hamad Port, recording substantial container traffic year-on-year.

The port, which opened three months after the imposition of the blockade on Qatar, now serves as a key infrastructure that facilitates smooth import and export trades for the country.

“If you look at other areas I think Baladna is a standout example of how Qatar is now meeting its dairy needs and being self-sufficient, and even exporting,” Sharma said.

He added that Qatar also developed quickly and successfully on the economic and business side as it forged stronger relationships with several other countries across the world.

“We’ve seen Qatar very active internationally, in international organisations, through their financial and political support,” the envoy added.

He also underlined the strong and deep-rooted relationship between Qatar and the UK in various fields of co-operation, especially in trade and investment, and defence.

“I think that what we’ve seen over the last four years is a rediscovery of Qatar by the UK and that has led to a real strengthening of the relationship,” said the envoy, whose four-year tenure as ambassador to Qatar is ending soon.

On the social side, Sharma lauded Qatar for introducing permanent residency and moves to make it more open for visitors.

He lauded the country for making it easier for people living in Qatar to change jobs and ensure that “the expatriate population feels that Qatar is their home.”

“Whether it is on exit permit, or on freedom of mobility of labour, I think there has been lots of positive development,” Sharma said.

“I’ve seen the society really come together, both expats and Qatari nationals, in response to the challenges,” he added.

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