Registration of the national address began Monday through the Metrash2 app and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) website.
People can also register directly at any of the MoI service centres.
In a statement on Twitter Monday, the MoI urged the public to register their address within the specified period of six months. The ministry also issued a set of infographics explaining the various aspects of the national address, how to register the same and its benefits.
The national address has to be registered by July 26, and those failing to do so "shall bear all the legal consequences thereof", the MoI had said in a statement on Saturday.
The National Address Law (Law No 24 of 2017) mandates that the provided address includes details such as residential address, fixed telephone and mobile numbers, e-mail address, address of the employer for government and private sector employees, permanent address abroad if available, and any other data specified by the competent authority.
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