The $64,000,000 question
November 28 2019 12:37 AM
Shefa Ali
Shefa Ali

By Shefa Ali

During a one on one coaching session recently, a woman with tears in her eyes asked me, ‘How do I overcome fear?’ I could almost feel the pain in her heart. She went on to say that she lives her life afraid all the time. The object of her fear changes as time passes, but the fear remains constant.
In my opinion, this omnipresent fear is the biggest obstacle to our peace, happiness and progress in life. When I say fear, I don’t necessarily mean fear of danger for life. What I am talking about are all the things that make us anxious, nervous, tense and stressed. The things that give us the feeling that we need to control our surroundings. In my experience, the root of fear is distrust. Maybe we feel we have been betrayed, injured or abused. Those feelings lead us to decide that the world and those around us cannot be trusted. Sometimes this can result in us losing the faith which is so important in life.
So what was my answer to the lady? The answer to fear is to firmly root ourselves in God. When we realise that God is always with us, always for us, we will never be afraid, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.
Our family and friends may betray us. They may sadden us or hurt us, but if we give ourselves to God, if we make our relationship with Him our first priority, then we will never be broken inside; we will always be cared for. We must realise that if God can provide for even the smallest insects, he certainly will provide for us.

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