No botulinum bacteria in food samples: MoPH
November 20 2019 12:07 AM


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Tuesday said test results revealed that food samples taken from the house of a family, where three people had shown symptoms of food poisoning, did not contain the suspected botulinum bacteria or any other bacteria that generally caused food poisoning.

Informing this through a statement on Tuesday, the MoPH said an analysis of similar food samples collected from the local market yielded the same results.

As reported in Gulf Times on Tuesday, the MoPH initiated the necessary epidemiological investigation after receiving a report that a man, his son and daughter had shown symptoms of food poisoning.

According to doctors and members of the affected family, the man and his two children showed symptoms such as shortness of breath, vision disorder, weakness in the facial muscles and difficulty in swallowing.

The MoPH said in the statement that it was closely monitoring the case.

Besides, specialised medical sources said the affected persons were receiving treatment at a hospital and were given the necessary antitoxin.

Meanwhile, technical teams from the MoPH found unsafe food practices in the family's house, the statement points out.

Accordingly, the MoPH has urged the public to purchase foods from reliable sources only, and store and handle them in a proper and safe manner.

In addition, it is necessary to immediately get rid of expired foods and keep food products at the desired temperature levels, whether chilled or frozen.

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