From real struggle comes greatest strength: Motivational Martha
October 17 2019 10:12 PM

Most people struggle to learn their weakness or strengths. However, when they know their true selves they can not only improve themselves but also help others in making upward progress.
Motivating others is an ability that is very fulfilling. The motivational person helps people understand the hardships of life and how a common person can cope with and get along well with difficulties.
Martha Anyait is a young woman from Uganda. She has been living in Qatar for five years. Since she moved to this country, she has been an inspiring personality for her community members.
Martha is a motivational speaker, life coach, community advocate, and empowerment expert. She has regularly been conducting workshops and boot camps to coach and motivate people.
Community recently caught up with the young woman who realised her ability to buck up others from very early in her life. “It all started with my family back in Uganda. I always noticed how people react to different situations at different occasions in their lives. I often used to be concerned about the reactions of different people especially the members of my family. I used to advise and encourage them. My words always worked as a soothing factor. I however had no idea that I could become a motivational speaker.”
Martha, who is the youngest among four siblings, saw a similar situation in Qatar where people from her country come to work and live. “When I came to Qatar, I knew that I have the talent. Soon, I saw the opportunity where I can utilise my skills. I noticed that the majority of people here follow a routine life. They feel stressed when they are away from home and loved ones. People often feel self-pity for themselves.
“I knew I got the talent. I started volunteering. I got engaged with Ugandan Community Qatar, a group that brings the community together. The group gave me a platform where I started sharing my pieces of advice to the people who are interested in listening to me. People started giving me very positive feedback.”
Martha, who holds a degree in hospitality management, set up a social media account to access and connect with the people from her community. “I started organising workshops and boot camps for the Ugandan community. I have also been speaking about women empowerment. I have been involving other expatriate communities in Qatar as well.
“As the community advocate, I volunteer for different activities such as charity works. I do arrange and attend more and more event for women empowerment.”
Martha has her own way of defining motivation. “Motivation is a key ingredient in our lives. It is presence of a purpose and desire in the life. It keeps pushing us towards achieving our higher goals.”
In response to a question that why often people get de-motivated in their lives, she said: “People get demotivated when they face personal setbacks or see others suffering. Sometimes bad experiences or bad episodes in their past draw them towards self-pity.
“I tell people that everybody faces setbacks and suffering is a true test of life so if you want to be a better person, you have to undergo some sort off suffering. From your struggle comes your greatest strength. It further develops your character. It is always better to be grateful to these bad experiences in your life. They shape the best version of what you are today. It is important to keep reminding yourself that inside you lays the potential to be a great person. Even your inner thoughts cannot discount you.”
Martha feels fortunate to be in Qatar. “Qatar has exposed me to a lot of opportunities. I met a lot of different people and I grew in confidence. I got the time to work on my inner potentials. I really discovered that who I am.
“Qatar has given me freedom to speak up and reach out to others. I have started helping other people here. Further, I always felt very welcomed in Qatar. People here are very welcoming.”
The motivational speaker has set high future goals for herself. “I want to stand out as a motivational speaker. I want to work with some international organisations and desire to motivate the most under-privileged segments of society. As an empowerment expert, I aspire to work more and more towards women empowerment.” 

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