When commitment aligns with purpose, magic unfolds: Priya
October 02 2019 12:34 AM

Re-invent yourself. Level your expectations. Know how good you are at problem solving. Challenge the status quo. Be resourceful. Break the limiting beliefs.
These were the key phrases used by Priya Kumar, who is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker from India. She also used different techniques to motivate the audience urging them to re-invent themselves.
The workshop ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ was organised by Inspire Management Training Centre recently at Al Najada by Tivoli hotel. The motivational workshop was attended by prominent figures from different communities, corporate leaders, businessmen. The prominent among those present there was M Gazal Shaikh, a well-known and renowned blogger in Qatar.
Priya’s unique style of facilitation coupled with wit, humour and experiential activities like rod-bending seemingly created a big impact on the audience, inspiring and motivating them to go out and deliver their best. This hands-on workshop gave the audience a chance to see a balance between the concepts discussed and they were given time to work on themselves through different activities. 
Priya is the bestselling author of 11 inspirational books. In her 24 years journey with motivational speaking, she has worked with over 2000 multi-national corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books, and is the only woman speaker in India to have done so. She is the only Indian author who has won 32 international awards for her books.
“First of all we need to know what our strength is. Anything can be your strength. Recognise the strength and then learn how to use it for your goals or missions,” Priya said while explaining why people cannot break the box they live in most of the time.
She urged the participants to break the box of their lives they live in. “We need to think and do something new all the time. We break the box and create a new box for ourselves and then we break this new box and the cycle goes on. We need to watch out for the new possibilities.”
She let the participants take part in different games such as asking them how many different uses a paper clip can have. The speaker also asked them to pass a needle through an inflated balloon without bursting the balloon.
Like all her sessions, the climax of the workshop was the rod-bending activity. An activity with the message – that to succeed you must defy all odds and deliver no matter what. The two metre long and 10 millimetre wide iron and steel rebar on the neck between two participants was bent as they embraced each other, signifying that all forces must align to deliver guaranteed results and reach the heights of glory.
“To make your dreams come true, you have to stick your neck out and defy all odds and deliver no matter what. It is kind of like having 10mm iron and steel rebar on your neck and you have to bend it embracing one another,” Priya said.
“So what does it take to have a guaranteed position of the success. A lot of forces must align for you to deliver outstanding results, for you to reach to the height of glory and, of all those forces the commitment to deliver in the face of adversity – the commitment to deliver against all odds, the commitment to deliver no matter how high the personal inconvenience, the commitment to deliver even when it hurts. And now that commitment is that ultimate force that breaks through all obstacles clearing your position and victory. Step, commit and deliver because when commitment joins hand with your talent and your vision; when commitment aligns with your purpose, magic unfolds – the magic that is you,” she said.
The event companies namely; Marbu Contracting, GSSG, 360 Realtors, Flavors Café & Restaurant, Safa Drinking Water, Al Muftan Rent a Car, Megamart, Larsen & Toubro, Homes R Us, Aster, Aspire Jobs  and Al Majed Group were the sponsors of the event. The workshop was very well received and the audience left feeling more motivated, energetic and inspired. 

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