Urdu poets enthral audience
September 29 2019 10:59 PM
GROUP: Poets and organisers in a group photo during the 60th anniversary poetry symposium by Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar.

Noted and buddying Urdu poets from India, Pakistan and Qatar recently captivated a large gathering with their sweet and melodious rhymes during a mushaira held at DPS Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) Al Wakrah.
The Urdu poetic symposium was organised by Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar (BUQ) in connection with its 60th anniversary as the literary group was founded in 1959 – the oldest in Qatar. The mushaira that continued late in the night entertained the audience, majority of them remained glued to their seats till the end of the symposium.
The hallmark of the event was the presence of Shatrughan Sinha, a noted Indian film actor and politician, who was warmly received by the audience. He was flanked by Pahlaj Nihalani, ex-chairman of Central Board of Film Certification India and a film producer; and Kamna Prasad, a noted personality promoting Urdu in India.
The poets in the symposium were namely; Prof. Minu Bakshi, from Delhi; Dr Amber Abid, Bhopal India; Hassan Kazmi, from Lucknow India; Aijaz Asad, from Indian Kashmir; Shadab Azmi, from Azamgarh India; Bismil Arifi from Delhi; Arif Ali Arif from Bhopal; Hashim Firozabadi, Firozabad India; Imran Aami from Rawalpindi Pakistan; Foziya Raba from Goa India; Sadia Usman, a social activist and worker from Aligarh India; and Mazen Alsbeti, a representative of Baladna Food Industries.
In his welcome speech, Muhammad Sabih Bukhari, Patron in Chief of BUQ, highlighted the contributions and love of the guests from India towards Urdu language. “I am very thankful to Shatrughan Sinha, Pahlaj Nihalani, Kamna Prasad and all the poets from India and Pakistan for coming to Qatar on our invitation. Presence of the noted guests, talented poets and audience in large numbers showed the circle of Urdu lovers continues to grow in Qatar with the passage of time.
“We have tried to bring in poets from different parts of India and from Pakistan to vindicate the diversity of people who love Urdu. It is a language that promotes love, tolerance and integration. Urdu is not confined to a particular religion, race, country or area. It is a language that brings people close.”
He added: “This mushaira is distinct in its nature in that it is presided over by a woman – Kamna Prasad – and is also hosted by a woman. It is also for the first time that Shatrughan Sinha is attending a mushaira in Qatar.”
The organisers gave away mementos to the poets and the guests. The BUQ gave away awards to Sadia Usman and Mazen Alsbeti for their social works.
Speaking on the occasion, Shatrughan said: “First of all, with the attitude of gratitude I want to say thankyou to the organisers and the audience for having me here. I am thankful to Bukhari for inviting me to attend the poetic symposium and to listen to the noted poets.
“I really appreciate Kamna Prasad for learning and mastering Urdu language and poetry despite the fact that Urdu is not her mother tongue.
“World is a bouquet of beautiful languages and cultures. The most beautiful flower of the bouquet is Urdu. The love for the language has got me to Qatar. This mushaira is a celebration of our civilization. I acknowledge the recognition that BUQ has gained in the last six decades as an organisation working for peace, love and harmony.”
He added: “Urdu had its birth in India. A sweet and poetic language, Urdu is pride of my country. The Urdu culture and literature is like a torch that will never get extinguished. There have been many Urdu intellectuals who have upheld higher degree of values and traditions. It is true that in historic perspective Urdu has been protecting our secular values. Urdu is in our blood.
“Urdu has made great contribution in promotion of Bollywood. The language has made the Indian film songs everlasting.”
Kamna Prasad said: “The enthusiasm of the symposium showed the number of Urdu lovers continues to grow with every passing day. Urdu is getting popular all over the world. Qatar heads the list of the countries where Urdu has been witnessing popularity. Qatar’s values and spirit of Urdu are identical as both are beautiful combinations of tradition and modernity. I congratulate BUQ on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.” 

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