QU-CPH holds Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society elections
September 21 2019 12:52 AM
The elected members of QPHUS pose for a group photo.
The elected members of QPHUS pose for a group photo.

Qatar University’s (QU) College of Pharmacy (CPH) held its annual elections for its Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (QPHUS) for the academic year 2019-2020. 
Students from all four professional years of pharmacy were encouraged to run for the nine executive council positions and to participate in electing their representatives. 
The executives are members of CPH undergraduate student advisory committee which is a forum to discuss any strengths, concerns or area for improvements relating to the students’ academic and non-academic experience. 
These members take an active role in leading students’ initiatives in hosting academic and nonacademic outreach and social events. QPHUS board members may also be selected to represent Qatar regionally or internationally at conferences, scientific or educational events. QPHUS is an active member of the international pharmaceutical students’ federation. 
The elected members of this year’s QPHUS executive council are: President Hend al-Naimi, vice president Kheloud Awad, contact person and public relations officer Bassant Elkattan, media and marketing director Nadin Kamel, treasurer Aliah Aly, general secretary Ruba Sulaiman, and four class representatives Rana Mekkawi, Hiba Mohamed, Laila Shafei and Marwa Elshazly.
CPH assistant dean for Student Affairs Dr Alla El-Awaisi who oversaw the campaign, nominations and the elections, commented, “Congratulations to the new executives for their new positions and wish them all the best in successfully leading QPHUS over the next year. Being an executive member is a great opportunity to develop the student leadership skills and be a role model to other students by displaying the core values of our college: which are professionalism, respect, commitment, impact, innovation, partnership.”
The former QPHUS president Sara Thiab said, “Leading Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society was an enriching experience. 
The amount of knowledge and skills that I developed during my time to fulfil this role are now lifelong skills that I will be using beyond my time in college. I encourage all students to uptake executive positions in the society to experience the benefits of such roles, and how they both teach and develop us, as better pharmacists and people.”
The elected president of this year’s QPHUS, al-Naimi commented, “I do believe that being a QPHUS member is a great opportunity for us youths to invest our skills preparing us for future positions. I am very excited to take the lead in this year’s society. I am sure that the president position will hold a lot of experience and knowledge, and I can’t wait to start this journey.”

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