Dental pulp stem banking to be launched in Qatar
September 18 2019 02:12 AM
Future Health LLC officials making the announcement in Doha.
Future Health LLC officials making the announcement in Doha.

Future Health LLC, a company formed under Qatar Financial Centre, will introduce dental pulp stem banking in the country, it was announced. The company is to function in collaboration with Future Health BioBank in Nottingham Science and Technology Park, UK.
Future Health BioBank processes and stores cord blood, cord tissue and dental pulp from more than 75 countries across five continents, and has offices in 40 countries worldwide.
All samples are processed and stored in Future Health Bio bank’s laboratories located in the UK and Switzerland. “Since it’s inception, we have been collecting the cord blood and cord tissue from patients in all major hospitals across Qatar. These include Sidra Hospital and Women’s Wellness and Research Centre,” Future Health LLC CEO Dr Faizal Ismail said.
Clinical consultant Dr S Amir Rizvi explained that stem cells are the building blocks of life and have the ability to develop into many different types of specialised cells. Dental pulp within the teeth contains unique cells. These stem cells may one day prove to be a lifesaver as they are currently used to treat over 85 ailments including bloodborne diseases like leukaemia and thalassemia. Storing stem cells will help patients find matches that could be transplanted while treating such diseases.

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