Besides bookstores, optical shops in Qatar have become among the most visited outlets during the back-to-school season due to the high demand for children’s eyeglasses, it is learnt.
“This is one of our busiest periods where we get a lot of customers and many of them are young students,” an optometrist at a leading optical chain in the country told Gulf Times.
He said new and returning customers come to their shop to either buy new frames or upgrade their lenses as prescribed by their optometrists before the start of the classes across the country.
Families, parents in particular, also take advantage of the various promotions during this period, ranging from 20% to 50% off. From QR550 for example, the price goes down to QR290 depending on the brand.
New arrival items are usually not included but sales staff offer 10% to 15% discounts for interested buyers.
The optometrist noted that they normally serve more adult and older customers during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid al-fitr and Eid al-Adha breaks.
“We witness a surge in footfall during these holidays in Qatar, particularly in our mall branches, and it continued this back-to-school season starting last month with more young customers looking for new designs,” he said.
He added that many students look for sporty types (of varying colours with transition lenses) while others have been used to wearing simple frames made of thin and lightweight metals.
Meanwhile, it is learnt that a number of adults still prefer to have at least two items with them for daily use: a reading glass and a sunglass for outdoors.
Another optometrist working for another popular optical chain in Doha echoed the same view saying that their sales have significantly increased during this period.
He said the season, backed by their special promotions and discounts, have attracted many parents to buy their children with new frames and lenses.
He expressed confidence that they will exceed their monthly target this September compared to the previous year in the same period.
“Fashion trend is another obvious reason for this surge in demand, especially for women and older female students,” he noted, citing the popularity of wearing contact lenses.
“A lot of young people find contact lenses to be less obstructive than eyeglasses, it suits those who are active and engaged in a number of sports activities or competitions,” the optometrist added.
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