Taking note of the prevailing trend where sick children are sent to school, a senior physician from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has urged parents to keep them home unless they get permission from a doctor. “Parents are least aware of the ill effects of sending sick children to school.

Sick children may pose a health threat as there is a possibility of other children getting infected,” said Dr Mohamed Rahmathulla Shafeeq, assistant executive director of infection prevention and control at HMC.

“All schools should have a clinic along with a nurse. If students are found to be ailing or showing symptoms of ailments they should be referred to the clinic. They should be allowed in schools after a family physician ensures that they are cured,” he said.

Dr Shafeeq has asked parents to send their children to school only after dressing the wounds and cuts. “They have to be properly dressed and covered. Open cuts and wounds cause infection to other children,” he explained. The physician suggested that school authorities should provide a clean environment to the children and all surfaces and materials in the classrooms should be cleaned regularly.

Parents should ensure that their children get proper immunisation and are vaccinated. “Vaccination saves students from the threat of infection and seasonal diseases. Parents should take extra care during the winter months as children are more vulnerable to seasonal diseases such as the flu from November to March,” he added.