For the love of routine
September 05 2019 02:09 AM
Shefa Ali
Shefa Ali

By Shefa Ali

This week I returned back to Qatar, after being away for 3 months; I loved every minute of my trip, but on the flip side I missed my ‘Qatar routine’. Not to say, I didn’t have a daily routine for the time I was away, I did, but I am a creature of habit and I love my daily ‘Qatar routine’. I always tell my coaching clients “Success lies in your daily routine.”
Since childhood we have been exposed to routines that were put in place to incorporate structure and discipline into our lives. When we were children, most of us were told to go to bed at a certain time, wake up at a certain time, do our homework after school, eat dinner at the same time every day and even playtime with our friends had certain timings. But what happened when we reached adulthood? So many people I know don’t have a daily routine, it’s like they ‘wing’ their day. They have no idea what they are going to do when they wake up each morning because they have not thought about creating a weekly schedule to stick to. This can leave them feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and falling short of their goals and true potential. 
Some people see routines as being boring; they live their lives in a relaxed, ‘go with the wind’ type of way believing that it makes them a free bird. However, I believe a carefully designed routine allows us be productive, in control, and be the best person we can possibly be.
My daily routine reduces the need to make decisions each day. It enables me to know exactly what tasks I need to do each day without having to think too much or make too many decisions. When I am done with one action item, I know what comes next without much thought. 
Time is the most precious asset at our disposal, once lost, you can never get it back. When I follow my routine, I free up time to use on planning, decision-making and preparation, which I can use for something more valuable. 
When action items and activities become routine, it reduces the chance that I will procrastinate in doing them. They have become ingrained into my system and I do them subconsciously. For example, I do yoga every morning when I wake up; I do not have to think about it, I simply do it because it’s a habit. 
When we follow a routine and do the same things over and over again, it can support us to save money. For example, part of my routine involves making smoothies every morning. Because I know that I will follow this routine religiously, I buy fruits in bulk, which in turn saves me money. 
Designing and sticking to a routine, eliminates a lot of stress because we don’t worry about what needs to get done. The act of ‘doing’ gives us a sense of control and helps us relax instead of stressing about the tasks at hand. Successful people accomplish their goals by doing the same things over and over again. Developing and sticking with a routine that is congruent with your goals is one of the surest ways to ensure success.
Each of us is different and has different goals and resources and so we need to create a routine that works for us. If you have never had a routine before, the reward is definitely worth the effort. It’s never too late to create!

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