"Education 4 Justice" competition, organised by the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority (ACTA), concluded on Monday at the ACTA headquarters. The competition is targeting the age group of 10-21 years.
The competition, which was inaugurated by the Director of Shared Services at ACTA Ibrahim Ali Abdullah, aims to encourage young people to play a more active role in community efforts to promote the values of transparency and integrity, a culture that rejects corruption and respect of law in general. Thus, allowing young people to put their practical experiences and ideas from the reality of their social environment. 
The director of shared services at ACTA stressed that the authority is keen to pay attention to young Qataris to create an active generation in the society, characterised by leadership qualities from a young age, armed with a culture of integrity and transparency and rejecting corruption. 
The competition witnessed wide participation of Qatari students, where the number of projects participated in final stages reached 15 projects, ranging from paintings, articles, youth initiatives, and other projects.
All participants presented their projects on a stage prepared for this purpose before the jury and in the presence of parents.
The competition included prizes for the top three rankings: First place: QR25,000, second place: QR15,000, and third place: QR10,000.
All participating students received certificates of appreciation.
The parents of the participating students expressed their appreciation to the Authority for embracing the talents of their children and allowing them to show their talents and ideas, and to enhance their spirit of leadership.
Besides, winners will have the opportunity to present their ideas at relevant international conferences and on the ACTA official social media channels and the international conferences organized by the Authority.
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