Doha — Brightly lit at night
July 16 2019 09:45 PM

Santhiya Kandaraja

Amidst the tall structures that stand there as an ant. Hair flying in the air, wind on your face, such a gorgeous view. The joy of seeing changing colours of the building in the night is spectacular. 
The glass and mirror on the building dazzle at night in the reflecting light. The whole view is so colourful, filled with hues of orange and red. The adjacent water body reflects the skyscrapers, increasing its grandeur to another level. 
Just seeing it is not enough, you would want to freeze the moment. So I have captured it through my lens in a way that everybody can experience it. 
— Text by Keerthana Kandarajam, photos by Santhiya Kandaraja (santhiya.09)

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